About Celal Yilmaz

I have about 20 years experience of IT development, and the last 10 year I have specialized in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I have strong skills ind customization, plugin and workflow activity coding, data integration and manage to use these skill clever in a business perspektive. I’m good at understanding complex business processes and needs to finalize them into good Dynamic CRM acitech solutions and system integrations.

These are some of the companys I have woked with the last 5 year

Kopenhagen Fur (KF)

I participated in developing their Dynamics CRM 365 solution and especially their portal self service using Dynamics CRM portal with 80% custom code in Javascript, JQuery, Liquid, C# plugins and Bootstrap.

NKT Photonics (NKTP)

I acted as primary lead consultant, leading the workshops and developing solution for NKTP Sales and Custom support in Dynamics CRM. I participated in developing their integration between Dynamics CRM and Dynamics Finance and Operation with CDS.

Copenhagen Merchants (CM)

I participated in developing solutions to their existing Dynamics CRM using workflows, plugins, Custom SharePoint integration and Documents Core Pack.

Euro Cargo Services (ECS)

I acted as primary lead consultant and architect leading the workshops and developing solution for a new Dynamics CRM.
Their solution where developed using plugins, Custom workflow activities and integration to sharepoint coding custom workflow activity to handle their contracts and documents. ECS had

Ledernes Hoved organisation (LHO)

I participate in developing a new Dynamics CRM 2015 on premise solution to LHO. This was a huge project starting in 2014 and ending in  2017. Dynamics CRM solution where devloped as an interface to their existing member system called Modulus consisting about 120.000 members. This project was devloped with 4 developers from Lederne and about 12 developer from Netcompany.

Ledernes Kompetencecenter (KC)

After KC buyed a standard Dynamics CRM course solution, I shaped the new standard solution meet the business of KC. I developed the entire integration between Dynamics CRM and Navision using Scribe Insight

Byggecentrum (BC)

I was resonsponsible for their new Dynamics CRM 2011 Sales and Marketing solution, and integration to Schilling ERP using Scribe Insight.